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Kal Tire

SRC was awarded Kal Tire Project based on a competitive tender process.

Kal Tire set a clear expectation on their tight schedule requirements. SRC successfully satisfied the required schedule through deep integration of the ownership group and the owner's consultants.

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10,400 square foot, pre-engineered structural steel turnkey project completed for Sherwood Developments. The building is comprised of office and shop that are separated by a 2 hour fire wall.

SRC was involved from project inception, assisting in proforma creation and management, lease negotiation and a full design build.

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Sherring Warehouse

Warehouse was a turnkey project completed for a Lethbridge local Developer. The warehouse is 39,200 square feet, has 80' loading ramp with 6 overhead doors, complete with dock seals and levelers, and a 2000 sq ft office space.

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KB Heating

KB Heating has been working closely with Silver Ridge Construction for many years. We were honored to be the selected General contractor for the construction of their new office and shop.

KB Heating was a design build where attention was paid the issues that they had at their existing shop. The result was a combination of wood framed and pre-engineered steel construction. Wood framed was used for the single story reception, office, and board room area. and the pre-engineered steel portion is for production, manufacturing and vehicle maintenance.

The pre-engineered section of the building features a mezzanine staff room, custom size overhead doors, and LED lighting that met the require temperature, lumin output and Color rendering that they required.

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NutriSource Warehouse

This is the 3rd building Silver Ridge Construction has completed for the ownership group at Nutrisource.

The warehouse will be 9,920 sq. ft. will have a small office, barrier free washroom and a mechanical room.
There will be 2 overhead doors, the slab will be a reinforced slab on grade and the exterior will be a simple steel clad.

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Chinook Co-op

Chinook Co-op features a 16 pump gas station, automated car wash, convenience store and a liquor store. There was a significant amount of site work that went into this project to accommodate the large diesel and gasoline holding tanks. The project required some large pieces of structural steel for the gas bar.

The car wash is built of block and features a fully automated car wash system.

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Fix Auto Lethbridge

Fix Auto is a 30,000 sq. ft. auto body shop.
It features a beautiful insulated metal panel exterior, two state of the art spray booths, vehicle lifts, and many other technologies. There was a significant amount of work that went into prepping for the colored concrete floors. The entire building features radiant heat, preformed trench drains, vehicle lifts, anchors for chassis straightening, duct work for spray booths,

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Davis GMC Renovation

Davis GMC is one of Lethbridge’s largest automotive dealers. Davis remained fully operation for the duration of the project. This required Silver Ridge to carefully phase the project and work closely with the customer to ensure that their daily needs were met. Davis features a beautiful addition to their show room, large welcoming entrance and a modern aluminum composite panel exterior.

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Mint Car Wash

Mint is a 9,171 Sq. Ft. car wash building. Building is constructed of precast concrete.

Mint features a high tech conveyed tunnel car wash system. Cars get both cleaned and dried, as well as tires polished and the undercarriage cleaned. Monthly uses have access to an RFID quick pass system. Mint recycles up to 80% of its water through a water purification and redirection system.
There are 22 vacuum stalls, of which 8 are heated and a maty washing station.

Mint is the only car wash of its kind in Southern Alberta and is often seen as a tourist attraction for those visiting Lethbridge.

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Logic Lumber

Logic Lumber is a 16,127 Sq. Ft. warehouse. Building is constructed of wood frame. Vehicle mobility was essential when design the site layout. Vehicles are able to easily navigate the site without interupintg other Vehicles drive lanes.

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Jetz Car Wash

Jetz carwash is a nationally recognized car wash that was featured in the Convenience and Carwash Canada magazine.
Jetz has 5 self serve wand wash bays and 2 automatic car wash bay. 1 of the bays are extra high allowing for large trucks and RVs. Jetz is constructed out of precast concrete allowing for an extremely durable building.
The success of Jetz, their equipment, and wash quality has let them to build a 2nd car wash in North Lethbridge as well.

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Jiffy Lube North

Jiffy Lube is located in North Lethbridge.
Although it is a small building there was a significant amount of site work that had to be completed. Employees access the undercarriage of vehicles through trenches that are under grade. Jiffy lube is an attractive block building featuring 6 large overhead doors and a small office space.